Commodore 64 Coders

The Commodore. Now we're talking serious programming. This thing is a dream. Well... mostly.

GONZ started programming on a Commodore 64 back in the mid 80's, and still loves it. Being the software / computer science type, he's branched out into other things these days, but he hasn't forgotten to make time for the old 8-bit CPU that he grew up with.

POPE picked up the '64 a few years ago and has always enjoyed coding quick fun stuff in machine language. He's more of the hardware / engineer type, which makes a nice balance.

ISTHMUS is the name of our "group". We're a couple dudes who enjoy programing small, fun programs for the Commodore. This page is the outlet for any files, info, and other resources we have offer regarding the beloved Commodore 64.


In July 1998 we started an IBM PC video game company called Ratloop. Unfortunately this means we will not have much time for C64 coding any time soon, but we're arranging to transfer our unfinished projects to new maintainers. Be sure to check out the Ratloop web site here.


If you have any questions about the Commodore 64, one of us might be able answer them. On the other hand, you might want to check out the comp.sys.cbm FAQ first, as well as these other FAQs. These documents answer a LOT of common questions. In fact, if you're into newsgroups, comp.sys.cbm is one of the best. If you're interested in Commodore emulators for any computer, be sure to check out comp.emulators.cbm.

These links are maintained by Gonz. Let me know if anything is broken.


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EMAIL Important Note: If you're new to Commodore, before sending us your questions please consult these resources (and this in particular). Also, be sure to include a valid return address, or we will not be able to reply. Thanks!


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